A spinal cord stimulator is a device that is surgically placed under the skin and sends a mild electric current to the spinal cord. The electrical impulses then mask pain signals before they reach the brain, potentially reducing the amount of pain that a patient experiences. Spinal cord stimulators are an option for people who suffer from chronic back, leg, or arm pain and who have not been able to find relief through other therapies.

A spinal cord stimulator only interferes with pain signals to the brain and does not actually eliminate the source of the pain, so the amount of relief that an individual will get from this device varies from patient to patient. However, for some people, even a small reduction in pain can be beneficial if it allows them to resume normal daily activities with less pain and reduce the amount of pain medication that they take.

There are various factors that determine whether a patient may be a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator, and your Abrazo Neuroscience physician will discuss your options with you.